10 New Vibrant Viscose Scarf Designs!

Now in stock – 100% viscose scarves – 27 ½” x 70”

Featured in a variety of colours and designs (Haida, Coast Salish, Tsimshian, Namgis and Haisla, Heiltsuk).

Lightweight and warm, these scarves serve as a functional added feature to your look anytime of the year.

  1. I had bought the scarf call “Preserving”, the second one from the right, top row. I bought it at the Heritage Center when I was visiting Anchorage and I loved it. But the first time I used it, about 2 weeks ago, is when I was in DC and I dropped it in the hotel while I was checking in – I didn’t know 😦 and nobody turned it in 😦 😦 I live in Seattle, do you know where I can buy this scarf down here? Gunalcheesh!

  2. Hi! Sorry to hear about your scarf! Can’t believe no one turned it in…what a let down. There are two places you can buy our products (Argosy Cruises and The Seattle Art Museum). As well, you can always buy any of our products directly from us. Our catalogue is online at http://www.nativenorthwest.com

    Just email your order to sales@nativenorthwest.com

    Hope either of those work for you and you can get another one 🙂



  3. Gunalcheesh! In one sense, as much as I dislike it, I can see why someone didn’t turn it in, it is gorgeous and I’m sure a pretty unique design for the East coast but not to turn it into the front desk is pretty low as far as I’m concerned 😦

    Thank you so much for the information, if I cannot find at SAM, I’ll definitely be ordering from you online!!

  4. Hi there!
    I just bought the serpent scarf, the black and white one. I bought it in Penticton BC at the Peach Festival and when I saw it I knew I was going to buy it. It’s so beautiful and soft! I was just wondering though where PRC is, because the scarf’s tag says made in PRC.

    Anyway, beautiful scarves and beautiful colours! 🙂


    • Chris Mattice
    • November 25th, 2011

    I would like to know where I can purchase one of the Vicose scarves,a co-worker of mine bought one at a function a couple of weeks ago and I fell in love with them,I would like to purchase a couple of these but definitely the last one
    ( brown black and beige.
    I live in Delta BC. Do you sell them in Steveston,Richmond,or Delta,BC

    • Hi Chris!

      Thanks for the interest in the viscose scarves- they are our hottest item right now! I have 4 myself!!

      There are a few retailers in your area: Pacific Bound by the ferries in Delta sells an assortment of them. Galiano Gifts and Gazebo Gift Co are located in Richmond and both sell the scarves as well. You can purchase them directly through us by emailing sales@nativenorthwest.com . The online catalogue can be viewed at http://www.nativenorthwest.com so you can see all of our beautiful products.

      You can contact me at the email address I gave should you have any more questions 🙂



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