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10 New Vibrant Viscose Scarf Designs!

Now in stock – 100% viscose scarves – 27 ½” x 70”

Featured in a variety of colours and designs (Haida, Coast Salish, Tsimshian, Namgis and Haisla, Heiltsuk).

Lightweight and warm, these scarves serve as a functional added feature to your look anytime of the year.



Bamboo bag Whale and Wolf designs by Todd Stephens, Nisga’a

Sturdy, durable and lightweight with gusset.

Nylon bag designs by Simone Diamond, Mike Dangeli and Ben Houstie.

Easily folds into matching pouch with clip. Great for groceries and the beach.


Native Northwest is proud to announce the arrival of our new high-quality stuffed animal puppets!

Nine friendly little pals are now available in a variety of animals including: Hunter the Bear, Bizzy the Beaver, Splash the Orca, Wakus the Frog, Tricky the Raven, Howler the Wolf, Boomer the Thunderbird, Grace the Eagle and Shelly the Turtle.

Approximately 10” in height