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Now In Stock: More Double-Walled Ceramic Travel Cups!

Our double-walled ceramic travel cups – based on the iconic form of a disposable paper cup – have been so successful that we decided it was time to expand our collection.

We’re introducing new artwork by Ben Houstie and Terry Starr to bring life and meaning to this timeless form.  Ben Houstie’s “Legacy” was inspired by his Great Grandfather’s Bentwood Box design while Terry Starr’s “Reflection” depicts a majestic eagle.

What’s the best thing about our double-walled ceramic cups?  By using these you’re not only honouring indigenous artwork and culture, but you’re also helping to reduce waste.  It is estimated that in the year 2010 alone, North Americans will have used over 23 billion paper cups.  Please do your part to help the environment and start using eco-friendly cups like these.

As always – we look forward to your comments!