“A Book in Every Home” Board Book Giveaway!

As part of our efforts to give back to the First Nations community we have launched our “Book in Every Home” campaign.  Our goal is to help enhance early childhood learning and literacy by providing every child with a book of their own. Research has indicated that reading books at home increases literacy.

We have already partnered with Head Start programs and other Aboriginal Early Childhood Development Programs and 700 books have already been distributed to children to take to their homes. We are now looking to partner with on reserve Head Start programs to distribute the remaining 300 books for this year and to make plans for distribution of another 1000 books for next year.

If you are an administrator at any Head Start program on reserve, and are interested in receiving free books for the children in your programs to take home, then please contact us. Please leave a comment on our blog with your contact information and the number of books you need.  We’ll keep sending them until our last 300 are donated and make plans for next year.

We look forward to your comments!

"A Book in Every Home"

    • Lise C
    • June 12th, 2011

    I love the board books, I recently brought some back to Europe with me for my Son and plan to complete the collection eventually. Having grown up on the West Coast and been strongly influenced by the art all my life. I look forward to sharing some of the culture with him through these beautiful books. As well as buying some as unique gifts for friends’ babies.

    • Hi Lise!

      We are so glad you like them and are sharing them across the world. We are really dedicated to the campaign and are so happy that there are people like you who are sharing the books as well! Take care 🙂


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