Supporting Community

We are proud to introduce one of our most innovative and socially conscious products for 2010…Renewal Spirits!  Renewal Spirits are a unique gift idea that encourage and inspire respect of our community and our environment.

Renewal Spirits are made by a social enterprise that improves the lives of women through skills training, employment counseling, and work opportunities.  Each inspirational wooden ornament is crafted with care by women from Canada’s poorest neighbourhood, a large percentage of whom are of First Nations descent.  Our Renewal Spirits provide an opportunity for these women to acquire new skills while connecting to their Native art and culture.

In addition to fostering social innovation, our Renewal Spirits also align nicely with our commitment to producing environmentally sustainable products.  Renewal Spirits are crafted from pine infected by pine beetle.  Pine trees affected by pine beetle account for millions of hectares of damaged forests from northern British Columbia, through Montana and Colorado, all the way to Mexico.  While it’s devastating losing these trees, it’s even more devastating to think that the usable wood will be left to decay in the forests before it can be logged.  We are proud to contribute to the production of value-added products made from this wood and take pleasure in knowing we have helped maintain sustainable forests and communities.

We look forward to continuing our work with this social enterprise and introducing more products that combine environmental, social, and design innovation.

Our collection of Renewal Spirits by various artists

Merchandise our Renewal Spirits with this attractive wooden stand made by the same social enterprise

    • Tanya Monk
    • March 26th, 2010

    just wanted to say i love your stuff i have gotten the mug and a blanket and a sweater and tank top for my daughter and i have gotten a bag and three little bags so im a fan of your stuff i live north of fort st james and we have family in fraser lake and they have a little gas store there and thats where i get the goods:)

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to write to us and for being such a fan! Cheers! Cristina

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