Respect by Corey Bulpitt, Haida


Here at Native Northwest we’re committed to greening our environment.  I’m not saying we’re perfect…yet…but we have taken quite a few steps toward minimizing our impact on the environment.  For instance, we use all non-toxic cleaning products and recycled paper towels to keep the place clean, we got rid of our office water cooler (which, let’s face it, was more useful for catching up on office gossip than quenching thirst!) and we use recycled and/or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved papers whenever possible.

Not only are we making environmental strides within the office, we’re also translating this philosophy to our product line with the Designed to Preserve logo.  We started producing travel mugs eight years ago and have been building a green selection of products ever since.  We are proud to have sold thousands of travel mugs, water bottles and non-woven recycled bags, contributing to a significant reduction in paper cups, plastic bottles, and plastic grocery bags in our landfills.  Additionally, this year’s edition of our famous “Gathering” calendar was printed by a Vancouver-based FSC printer on FSC approved paper, meaning that our product is 100% FSC approved and locally produced.

In continuing to innovate in our field, we recently added a new image by Corey Bulpitt that combines our love for Native art with our passion for the environment.  Corey seamlessly combined a traditional beaver image with arrows that represent recycling to produce a symbol that embodies the respect we have for our earth both environmentally and culturally. 

You can look forward to seeing Corey’s symbol on many future products and packaging.

Water Bottles - Chilkat Whale by Ryan Cranmer, Namgis


Travel Mug - Four Clans by Terry Starr, Tsimshian


Recycled Bags - Peace, Eagle Feathers, Continuity by Various Artists

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