Check out Corey Bulpitt’s street mural!

We are  happy to have been given the opportunity to sponsor famous Haida artist Corey Bulpitt’s street mural.

The mural is situated on 4th Avenue , under the Granville Street Bridge.

We are so proud of the amazing job he did and we hope you get a chance to check it out this summer!!


10 New Vibrant Viscose Scarf Designs!

Now in stock – 100% viscose scarves – 27 ½” x 70”

Featured in a variety of colours and designs (Haida, Coast Salish, Tsimshian, Namgis and Haisla, Heiltsuk).

Lightweight and warm, these scarves serve as a functional added feature to your look anytime of the year.


Bamboo bag Whale and Wolf designs by Todd Stephens, Nisga’a

Sturdy, durable and lightweight with gusset.

Nylon bag designs by Simone Diamond, Mike Dangeli and Ben Houstie.

Easily folds into matching pouch with clip. Great for groceries and the beach.


Native Northwest is proud to announce the arrival of our new high-quality stuffed animal puppets!

Nine friendly little pals are now available in a variety of animals including: Hunter the Bear, Bizzy the Beaver, Splash the Orca, Wakus the Frog, Tricky the Raven, Howler the Wolf, Boomer the Thunderbird, Grace the Eagle and Shelly the Turtle.

Approximately 10” in height

Now In Stock: More Double-Walled Ceramic Travel Cups!

Our double-walled ceramic travel cups – based on the iconic form of a disposable paper cup – have been so successful that we decided it was time to expand our collection.

We’re introducing new artwork by Ben Houstie and Terry Starr to bring life and meaning to this timeless form.  Ben Houstie’s “Legacy” was inspired by his Great Grandfather’s Bentwood Box design while Terry Starr’s “Reflection” depicts a majestic eagle.

What’s the best thing about our double-walled ceramic cups?  By using these you’re not only honouring indigenous artwork and culture, but you’re also helping to reduce waste.  It is estimated that in the year 2010 alone, North Americans will have used over 23 billion paper cups.  Please do your part to help the environment and start using eco-friendly cups like these.

As always – we look forward to your comments!

Coming Soon: Children’s Books and Games!

The positive response to our children’s board books and colouring books released earlier this year has encouraged us to expand our line of children’s products.

We’re proud to introduce two new board books, a hardcover book for older children, and a matching game suitable for children of all ages.

Learn about Northwest Coast Native Animals with “Sharing Our World” board book and “Sharing our World” hardcover edition.  Each book features artwork and quotes by various artists that explore the natural world and each animal’s significance to Native culture.

We’ve also started working with Kelly Robinson, a Native artist from the Nuxalk and Nuu – chah – nulth Nations.  In his board book “Northwest Coast Native Animals” Kelly uses his unique style to illustrate the animals important to his culture.

Last but not least, our Matching Game, also featuring Northwest Coast Native Animals, is fun for the whole family.  Young ones can look at all the colours and pictures while older kids and even adults can play traditional matching games.

All our new products are great for learning and for fun – making them ideal gifts as well as great resources for the classroom.

We look forward to your feedback!

Sharing Our World - Board Book and Hardcover Book by various artists

Native Animals Board Book by Kelly Robinson

Native Animals Matching Game by various artists

“A Book in Every Home” Board Book Giveaway!

As part of our efforts to give back to the First Nations community we have launched our “Book in Every Home” campaign.  Our goal is to help enhance early childhood learning and literacy by providing every child with a book of their own. Research has indicated that reading books at home increases literacy.

We have already partnered with Head Start programs and other Aboriginal Early Childhood Development Programs and 700 books have already been distributed to children to take to their homes. We are now looking to partner with on reserve Head Start programs to distribute the remaining 300 books for this year and to make plans for distribution of another 1000 books for next year.

If you are an administrator at any Head Start program on reserve, and are interested in receiving free books for the children in your programs to take home, then please contact us. Please leave a comment on our blog with your contact information and the number of books you need.  We’ll keep sending them until our last 300 are donated and make plans for next year.

We look forward to your comments!

"A Book in Every Home"